LAGreen provides a formal complaint mechanism to allow investors, clients, project affected people (e.g. individuals, communities, workers) the opportunity to complain or raise concerns. Filling a complaint supports the Fund to identify, investigate and take appropriate steps to help resolve problems, reduce risks and remedy impacts.

Submit a complaint

Please use one of the following channels:

  • You can file your complaint or concerns by using the form on this page. We encourage you to provide contact information in order to facilitate the follow up of the complaint, but you may also file a report anonymously by leaving the name and email address boxes of the form empty. Please note that in such case, we will not be able to communicate directly with you (e.g., updates on the complaint’s treatment) if no contact information is provided.
  • Write to Please note that in that case, the email address of the sender will be displayed to the recipient.
  • Send postal mail at the following address:
    Attn.: Latin American Green Bond Fund S.A., SICAV-SIF
    Complaints Officer
    31, Z.A. Bourmicht
    L-8070 Bertrange

Treatment of your complaint

Within 10 business days, the complainant receives a confirmation that the complaint has been received. Each complaint will be investigated through a fair and independent view on the complaint, facilitating a response to the complainant no later than two months from the receipt of the complaint.

If the complainant does not receive an answer or receives an unsatisfactory answer, the complainant is entitled to address the Fund’s Complaint Officer via the same channels provided above.

Where the complainant is an investor or client, if no adequate response has been received within a further two weeks, the complainant may also escalate the matter to the CSSF in accordance with the Luxembourg law of 17 February 2016 introducing alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes into the Consumer Code and amending certain other provisions of the Consumer Code. For more information, please consult the CSSF website at:

For complaints raised by or on behalf of project affected people, the response may take longer. Throughout that time, the complainant(s) will receive updates on the investigation process in the manner they submitted the complaint.

By default, your complaint will be treated confidentially, and your identity kept anonymous. Only parties concerned by the complaint’s investigation will be made aware of the complaint and your identity will not be disclosed to them. Should you wish otherwise, please state clearly that you agree to your identity being disclosed.