What does the Technical Assistance Facility do?

The development of Latin America’s green bond market needs more than investment.
The Technical Assistance Facility compliments the fund by accompanying issuers in the process of structuring new bonds and promoting the adoption of best impact practices.

Green bond structuring support

Support individual issuers with the structuring of green bonds to facilitate access to green financing initiatives with a positive environmental and/ or societal impact.

Impact standards

Contribute to the adoption of high impact standards by green bonds issued in Latin America in terms of use of proceeds, as well as transparent and robust reporting methodologies.

Sector initiatives

Promote a conducive environment for green bonds in Latin America, encouraging local capital markets to embrace the transition to sustainable and green finance, and strengthening the acceptance of green bonds of Latin America among international investors.

Maximizing LAGreen’s impact

How does the Technical Assistance Facility work?

Established to finance technical assistance projects, the Technical Assistance Facility is structured as a fiduciary account that is funded by contributions from the European Union and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Projects are offered to potential issuers at different stages of green bond preparation, or for sector-wide activities. In addition, the Technical Assistance Facility contributes to the sector’s knowledge-base and understanding of its potential by conducting research and development projects.